What are RPGs?

Role playing games (RPGs) allow you to play as characters in a fictional world, overseen by the Games Master (or Dungeon Master, if you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons). The GM will describe the world to you, and let you know what’s happening in a scene, and then the players tell the GM what they would like to do, you then work together within the rules and by rolling your dice, to see what the outcome is!

If you can imagine it, there’s probably an RPG for it; from the high fantasy of the classic Dungeons & Dragons, to lovecraftian horror in Call of Cthulhu, to open systems like Fate: Core that allow you to create whatever world you like!

And for all you dice addicts we have a constantly rotating choice of dice, for every player and character!


Every Wednesday night is RPG night for you to come and play through campaigns with your friends.

Then once a month we have RPG Sunday which is a great way to get into the hobby.

We recommended:

  • DnDice who are one of our main suppliers of dice and have a fantastic selection.
  • Our local RPG community on Facebook, great for finding players and games.
  • Kent and East Sussex RPG Group, another option for finding games and players in your area.