Evolution: New World – Butterfly Effect


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Every ecosystem is a complex combination of living organisms and the environment. Even a small change in any element affects the entire system, but balance is usually restored quickly. However, sometimes a random event leads to the butterfly effect – an unpredictable cascade of changes that can completely transform the whole biosphere.

The Butterfly Effect expansion gives you a new and unique way to play Evolution: New World. In the box, you’ll find:
– 13 new traits and the Seashore Area. Add more gameplay depth and create dynamic survival strategies for your animals.
– The Solo mode. In the Alien World scenario you will fight 1 on 1 against the merciless Dominator and insatiable Devastator for supremacy or create your own monsters to compete with.
– Additional tokens. With the expansion, up to 6 players can enjoy Evolution together.
– Butterfly Effect scenario. Start a chain reaction of random events that affect the game’s course and change the evolutionary process.


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