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In Loading, all the players try simultaneously to collect as many progression points as possible. Who will be the fastest…or the wisest?

All players but one start with a deck of cards in hand; the final player waits, hand outstretched, for another player to hand them a deck. As soon as you have a deck, examine it as quickly or as thoroughly as you wish for a progression card to play on your stack. You must play cards in ascending order, but you need not play them sequentially. Once you’ve played a card, get rid of the deck by placing it in the hand of whoever waits.

Once you’ve gathered enough progression points — or at least once you think you’re in a good position — you can discard the deck instead of giving it to someone else, then take a bonus STOP card. There aren’t enough STOP cards for all players, so don’t delay too long.

Loading includes a two-player mode, as well as an expert mode for skilled players.


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